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Unexpected regioselectivity in cycloisomerization of 2-Alkynylnitro­thiophenes. ISSN Krotkus, Arūnas.

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Semiconductors for terahertz photonics applications : topical review. Journal of physics. D, Applied physics. Interaction of water-soluble CdTe quantum dots with bovine serum albumin. Nanoscale research letters. Acus, Artūras; Dargys, Adolfas. Closed form solution for a double quantum well using Gröbner basis. Physica scripta. Multi-disk: concept and realisation of a collinearly pumped multiple thin disk active medium.

Quantum electronics. Physica status solidi. Rapid research letters. Application of three-electrode electrolytic cell to evaluate thin films of vegetable and mineral oils. Tribology international. ISSN X. Asmi, A. Number size distributions and seasonality of submicron particles in Europe Atmospheric chemistry and physics. Fast protector against EMP using thin epitaxial and polycrystalline manganite films. IEEE electron device letters.

Balevičius, Zigmas; Drevinskas, R. Ramanavičius, A. Total internal reflection ellipsometry of metal-organic compound structures modified with gold nanoparticles.

Thin solid films. Evaluation of intact- and fragmented-antibody based immunosensors by total internal reflection ellipsometry. Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical. Terahertz generation by photoconductors made from low-temperature-grown GaAs annealed at moderate temperatures.

Electronics letters. Excitation wavelength dependences of terahertz emission from surfaces of InSb and InAs. Characteristics of black carbon ohto multi slim 31 mass concentration over the East Baltic region from two-year measurements.

Journal of environmental monitoring. Butkus, Vytautas; Gelžinis, A. Quantum coherence and disorder-specific effects in simulations of 2D optical spectra of one-dimensional J-aggregates. Journal of physical chemistry. Caldeira, A. Application of square wave anodic stripping voltammetry for determination of traces of Tl I at carbon electrodes in situ modified with Bi films.

Quantification of the carbonaceous matter origin in submicron marine aerosol by 13C and 14C isotope analysis. Čeponis, T. In situ analysis of carrier lifetime and barrier capacitance variations in silicon during 1. Journal of instrumentation.

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Phase transitions in CuBiP2Se6 crystals. Phase transitions. Alexandre; Pascal, Ohto multi slim 31 A. Molecular adaptation of photoprotection: triplet states in light-harvesting proteins.

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Biophysical journal. Non-Markovian effects in time-resolved fluorescence spectrum of molecular aggregates: Ohto multi slim 31 polaron formation. Physical review. B, Condensed matter and materials physics. Inhibition effect of sodium nitrite and silicate on carbon steel corrosion in chloride-contaminated alkaline solutions.

Graham, Ohto multi slim 31 W. Exciton dynamics in semiconducting carbon nanotubes. Valence band study of LaNiO3-δ thin films. Radiation physics and chemistry. Electronic structure of epitaxial SrRuO3 films studied by resonant photoemission.

Grishin, Mikhail. Cavity dumping versus stationary output coupling in repetitively Q-switched solid-state lasers. Journal of the Optical Society of America. Potential induced changes in neuromedin B adsorption on Ag, Au, and Cu electrodes monitored by surface-enhanced Raman Scattering. Fabrication of thick gel-like films by anodizing iron in a novel electrolyte based on dimethyl sulfoxide and Ohto multi slim 31.

Electrochimica acta. Fabrication and characterization of magnetic ferrofluids by the co-precipitation way using diglycolic acid. Journal of nanoparticle research. Compositional and structural characterization of nanoporous films produced by iron anodizing in ethylene glycol solution. Applied surface science. Jagminas, Arūnas; Morales, Francisco M. Kayis, C. Applied physics letters. Web-based biometric computer mouse Advisory system to analyze a user's emotions and work productivity. Engineering applications of artificial intelligence.

Relaxation pathways of excited N- Triphenylmethyl salicylidenimine in solutions. Impact of intramolecular twisting and exciton migration on emission efficiency of multifunctional fluorene-benzothiadiazole-carbazole compounds. Journal of chemical physics. InGaAs-based bow-tie diode for spectroscopic terahertz imaging.

Journal of applied physics. Katilius, Ramūnas; Gantsevich, S. Solid state communications. Evaluation of amperometric glucose biosensors based on glucose oxidase encapsulated within enzymatically synthesized polyaniline and polypyrrole.

Solid state ionics. Krüger, Tjaart P. Fluorescence intermittency from the main plant light-harvesting complex: sensitivity to the local environment. Kuzhir, P.

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Microwave probing of nanocarbon based epoxy resin composite films: ohto multi slim 31 electromagnetic shielding. Laurent, T. Voltage-controlled sub-terahertz radiation transmission through GaN quantum well structure.

Leach, J. Formation of gold-capped silicon nanocolumns on silicon substrate. Journal of solid state electrochemistry. Polymerization model ohto multi slim 31 hydrogen peroxide initiated synthesis of polypyrrole nanoparticles.

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Li, X. On the quantum efficiency of InGaN light emitting diodes: effects of active layer design, electron cooler, and electron blocking layer.

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Physica status solidi A. Applications and materials science. Liebfried, Oliveris; Schneider, M. Current distribution and contact mechanisms in static railgun experiments with brush armatures.

IEEE transactions on plasma science.

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Lisauskas, A. Organic-inorganic composites consisted of poly 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene and Prussian Blue analogues. Impact of chemical substances on Cs accumulation in spring wheat seedlings and their cell nuclei reactions. Water, air and soil pollution. Mančal, Tomáš; Balevičius, Vytautas Jr. Decoherence in weakly coupled excitonic complexes. Marinchio, H. Plasma resonances in a gated semiconductor slab ohto multi slim 31 arbitrary thickness.

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Masson, O. Steinkopff, T. Tracking of airborne radionuclides from the damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear reactors by European networks. Novel fluctuation-based approach to optimization of frequency performance and degradation of nitride heterostructure field effect transistors. A, Applications and materials science. Matulis, Algirdas; Ramezani Masir, M.

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Application of optical beams to electrons in graphene. Raman spectroelectrochemical study of Meldola blue, adsorbed and electropolymerized at a gold elektrode. Journal of colloid and interface science. Electrocatalytic reduction of hydrogen peroxide at Prussian blue modified electrode: An in situ Raman spectroelectrochemical study.

Journal of electroanalytical chemistry.

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Characterization of zirconia- and niobia-silica mixture coatings produced by ion-beam sputtering. Applied optics. Mickevičius, Saulius; Brazauskas, E. The four-particle harmonic-oscillator brackets: compact expressions and updated Fortran program. Computer physics communications. Riebalų deginimo sistemos euforija heterodyne imaging with InGaAs-based bow-tie diodes.

ohto multi slim 31

Nargelas, S. Hole diffusivity in GaAsBi alloys measured by a picosecond transient grating technique. Optical functionalism of azopolymers: Photoinduced orientation and re-orientation of dendrimer structures of different generations. Photoreflectance and photoluminescence studies of epitaxial InGaAs quantum rods grown with As2 and As4 sources. Nilebäck, Erik; Feuz, L.

Characterization and application of a surface modification designed for QCM-D studies of biotinylated biomolecules. Orlowski, Bronislaw A. Photoemission spectra of frozen rock salt Pb1-xCdxTe crystal.

Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena. Ostapenko, Nina; Vodolazkyy, P. Spectroscopy of nano-sized polysilanes confined by different structures of silica. Molecular crystals and liquid crystals. Ozgur, Umit; Ni, X.